Connecting Music Theory & Performance



10 Week Virtual Course

June 1 - August 3

3 pm to 4 pm


Instructor: Dr. Annaka Hogelin

Tuition: $200

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Introduces students to the fundamentals of music theory, develops basic reading & notational skills, introduces aural skills, and includes applications to instrumental performance.


The course is ideal for students interested in majoring in music to provide the foundations needed to succeed in college level courses. However, the course is also welcome to students who are in high school or will be entering high school in the Fall of 2021.


•  Internet Access & Zoom

•  Ability to print teacher provided worksheets

•  Pencil


Topics covered in the 10 week course include:

•  Notation & terminology: treble, bass, & C clefs; anatomy of a note, etc.

•  Rhythm: meter, rhythm syllables, relationships between meters, etc.

•  Scales: major/minor, writing, identifying, relationships to one another, circle of fifths, etc.

•  Intervals & triads: interval size & quality, arpeggios, etc.

•  Introduction to harmony: tonal patterns, introduction to part writing, etc.

•  Applications to performance: learning a tune by ear, transposing it in real time, performing it in a different modality, performing it in a different meter

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